Thursday, June 10, 2010

Part 2: Introduction to Magic Star Intentional Community

Thursday, June 10, 2010

As a result of years of research into the viability of intentional communities as a solution to current world economic collapse, Peak Oil, ecological distress, and non-functional social and urban systems, I have decided to form a Blog and a Facebook Group for the purpose of active discussion about the formation of a sustainable, self-sufficient intentional community here in rural Western Kentucky.

Other purposes of this group will be the sharing and learning of essential knowledge and skills necessary for the implementation of sustainable and self-sufficient living, to discuss goals and community economic and social models and establish a common goals statement, to explore and intertwine personal goals and skills for the purpose of community and individual benefit, and as a platform for group interaction, planning, and goals achievement.

The objects are to get off the grid, be self-sufficient by raising and preserving food, the meshing of unique personal skills for earning, cooperation in collective activities for maintaining the "Farm", and providing for the basic food and shelter needs of the participants, while creating a stable and secure base from which participants are able to pursue their own betterment individually.

With the belief that most "collectives" are too restricting and too communistic, I contend that although all members should participate in the activities necessary for growing and preserving food, building, repairs, animal husbandry, etc, and for establishing and maintaining the self-sufficiency and well-being of the communal experience - the possibility for individual expression, achievement and success beyond the communal project should also be supported.

With the current and future expected continuing economic depression, the overwhelming lack of jobs, and with Peak Oil looming in the very near future, it is essential that we re-skill and learn what we need to know to become self-sufficient and to generate an alternate form of earning an income to supplement or even replace the current economic system, which has collapsed.

This can be done by developing personal skills necessary and in demand in a post-peak oil world, such as organic farming, carpentry, masonry, electrician, plumbers, permaculture, animal husbandry, alternative energy installation, internet and wireless technologies, sewing, food preservation and preparation, and/or so many other skills related to farming, sustainability, and innovative "cottage" enterprise solutions.

Given the affordability of rural land in this area, the excellent growing conditions, and the overall suitability for a successful sustainable communal venture here, I believe that the idea is a viable one.

I would like to start a discussion with others who may be interested in such a project, with the hope of being able to turn this dream into a reality.

There are no restrictions nor requirements on race, religion, gender, political leanings, age, marital status, disability, financial worth, nor sexual preferences. Everyone is valuable, and everyone has a "talent" and is an integral part of the community!

The only thing required is an honest desire to help build a sustainable community where respect, cooperation, hard work, and appreciation for each person as an individual, results in a community that offers collective safety after Peak Oil, living off the grid, and self-sufficiency, which would not only ensure the well-being of its members, but also provide a stable base to enable individual success in personal endeavors beyond the communal home.

If you are interested in such a discussion group, and you are on Facebook, you can join the "Magic Star Intentional Group" at:

It is not required that you be an active member of the actual physical community to join this group, because this is a discussion, sharing, learning, and planning group. This is a medium through which both active members and non-community members can exchange and learn essential survival and sustainable living skills.

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To add me on my regular Facebook profile, you can go here: MagicStar Net Works

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